LMPC Inspection of Errors & Quantity in Package

LMPC Inspection of Errors & Quantity in Package

  1.  Inspection of errors and quantity in a package is done as per the Legal Metrology Act.

  2. An inspection is conducted to check whether the quantity in the package is as per the legal metrology packaging rules or not.
  3. The inspection can be conducted at the premises of the retail dealer or the wholesale dealer.
  4. An inspection by a legal metrology officer can be conducted by receiving a complaint from any consumer.
  5. An LMPC inspection is conducted by the director, controller, or any other legal metrology officer who is authorized to act the inspection.
  6. Inspection can be done of the packages sold or delivered to the consumer that does not contain the quantity declared on the package.
  7. The test has to be carried out as per the provision of the act to verify that the quantity contained in the package corresponds to the quantity declared on the package.
  8. Legal Metrology officer in case of declaring a quantity on the package having more than the minimum permissible error concerning that commodity can seize such commodity.
  9. A legal metrology officer has the power to seize the package if it is inappropriate and has improper declarations on it. 
  10. In the case of any error found related to the deficiency of a commodity in the package more than the permissible error, the legal metrology officer can seize such a commodity and stop the manufacturer or retailer from selling, distributing, or delivering such a commodity to any consumer or customer.
  11. If the net quantity contained in the package conforms to the declared quantity or whether the deficiency. The defect should not be more than the maximum permissible error. Then the commodity can be allowed to be sold, distributed, and delivered to the consumer by the retail dealer or wholesaler.

Maximum Permissible Error on Package

  1. The maximum permissible error in the package depends on the various factors that lead to the variation in quantities, such as variations that call for ordinary or customary exposure to climate conditions, transport, storage, or any natural climate.

  2. It also depends on the variation due to the nature of packaging containers or materials.

  3. The maximum permissible error means this much error is allowed in the package or can be ignored in the package of the community.

  4. The director, controller, or any other legal metrology officer in relation to any commodity, the declaration at risk of net quantity in which it is permitted to be the qualified word “when packed” and reasonable variations may occur because of the environmental condition.

  5. It is not allowed for any manufacturer, retailer, importer, or seller of the commodity to exceed the maximum permissible error in any situation in the community or on its package.

  6. The maximum permissible error refers to the error which can be adjusted or can be ignored while distributing or delivering a commodity to the consumer.

  7. If in any case, the error exceeds the maximum permissible error, then the community shall be seized by the legal metrology office.

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