Legal Metrology department- Notice to E-commerce Firm

  1. In 2021, the government sent approximately 183 notices to e-commerce firms for violating this provision by not mentioning the country of origin on the website. A heavy fine has been imposed on the e-commerce firms for false offenses committed by them.

  2. In Lok Sabha, the Ministry of State Consumer affairs, food and public distribution has replied to Mr Ashwini Kumar Chaubey by saying that the legal metrology packaged rules 2011 under the legal metrology Act 2009 provide a mandatory declaration which says that the country of origin has to be properly and mentioned by the importer of the commodity.

  3. It is important to mention the country of origin on the e-commerce websites for the imported commodities on the digital and electronic networks.

  4. Further, Mr Ashwini Kumar Chaubey added that the Legal Metrology Act 2009 provides a penal provision in case of violation. The central government has been authorized to take action against such offenders.

  5. Mr Chaubey confirmed that there were 183 notices sent to the legal metrology firms for not providing declarations on the packages related to the country of origin of commodities.

  6. Every importer must follow the rules and regulations and comply with the same as provided under the act so that while purchasing the commodity, the consumer must be fully aware of the product which he is purchasing. It protects the rights and interests of the consumer and makes all e-commerce websites comply with the rules and regulations.

  7. It is mandatory to declare the country of origin of a commodity in the event of importing the product within the country through the digital and electronic networks through the use of e-commerce transactions. But in the COVID times, many e-commerce websites were not following the rules and regulations laid down under the act.

  8. Furthermore, no e-commerce firm or e-commerce website will be allowed to ship any kind of commodity to the consumer if it does not mention the country of origin, the proper declaration related to MRP, which should disclose all the taxes in itself, and the proper and clear address of the manufacturer and importer of the commodity.

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