Legal Metrology Offences


  1. Offences under legal metrology are committed by the manufacturer, importer, Packer, or seller of the commodity.

The Validity Period of Different Weights & Measures Under Legal Metrology

While considering the Legal Metrology Rules the government has created four quarters for the facility for the traders and searched four quarters:

Hints to Consumers While Buying Commodities


  1. If the consumer has any doubt about the correctness of weights and measures used by any trader or industrial establishment, then he should look for the seal of verification stamp of the department and demand a copy of the certificate of verification issued by the legal metrology department. If the consumer is still not satisfied, then he may contact the enforcement officer in the area of jurisdiction.

Control of Legal Metrology Department on Manufacturing Unit


Control of Legal Metrology Department on Manufacturing Unit

The department of legal metrology has control over the manufacturer, seller, and dealer, of weights and measures, weighing and measuring instruments. It is the power of the legal metrology department to issue the LMPC license to the manufacturer, packer, and importer of the commodity. Legal Metrology Department has control over the following:

The Legal Metrology Department and Its Functions


The one who keeps an eye on the businesses, Legal metrology for e-commerce websites, LMPC manufacturers, packers, and sellers of the commodity is the legal metrology department. 

Legal Metrology Office in Goa

Legal Metrology Office in Goa

All the states of India have offices of Legal Metrology in their respective states. The officers of Legal Metrology, such as the controller of legal metrology, inspector, etc., keep an eye on the manufacturer, importer, or packer of the commodity, checking out whether they are following the rules and regulations of the act and making proper compliance with the act.

Graded Penalties Under Legal Metrology by the Central Government


  1. On May 9th, 2022, the central government created penalties for minor offences committed under the act by the offender for the very first time.

Legal Metrology Department Seized Product in Goa

  1. On February 2, 2022, a surprise inspection and various raids were conducted by the legal metrology department in various parts of Goa. During that surprise inspection and raids, several shop products and units were seized by the Legal Metrology department due to the non-compliance of the act, improper declarations made on the packages, and considering other factors.