Importance of Legal Metrology Registration for Business

Importance of Legal Metrology Registration for Business

LMPC registration plays an important role for every business or trade that deals in weights and measures, or pre-packaged commodities in the Indian market. It is important not only for the manufacturer, importer, packer, or seller of the weights and measures, or pre-packed commodities; it also enhances the scope and power of the business or trade in the Indian market.

Every business that deals in weight or measurement need to register itself under legal metrology. This even includes petrol pumps, which deal in the measurements while providing the fuel to the customers, which is also covered under the legal metrology act.

The legal metrology officer can conduct the inspection or raid anytime they want to, or based on the complaint they received.

The LMPC Registration or LMPC Certificate is required for every business dealing in the Indian market concerning weights and measurements. The manufacturer or importer receives the registration certificate after getting themselves registered under the LMPC Act.

What is the importance of LMPC certificate or LMPC registration for business?

  1. Registration is important for every business because it builds trust with the consumer. This means when the consumer gets to know that the business is registered under legal metrology, then they trust the consumer on the commodity which is sold or on the weights or measures built automatically. The business thus receives the trust of the consumer as it becomes more reliable and trustable.

  2. Support to trade: LMPC certificate or LMPC Registration provides support to trade. The applicant will receive the certificate only after complying with all rules and regulations and by providing all the required documents by the legal metrology department.

  3. After fulfilling all the important conditions laid down in the act, the business will get the LMPC certificate or LMPC registration, which will ultimately provide support to the trade-in its day-to-day business activities.

  4. Reduce technical trade barriers: when the business receives the LMPC certificate, it automatically reduces the technical barrier to trade and starts promoting the business.

  5. It also provides clarity of measurement and technical barriers. It also encourages businesses or trade to participate in the global trade system, which increases the national economy's growth.

  6. The Legal metrology act also helps the traders to avoid unrequired barriers and other problems in the process of business and adopt application of technical regulations, which are standard in conformity assessment procedures etc.

  7. Getting the LMPC certificate or registration reduces the transaction cost and shows the audacity of breaking the measurement loss.

  8. If any business or trade does not comply with the Act then it has to bear the legal consequences of its actions to the extent that they do not comply with the rules and regulations of the act. And such traders have to bear the consequences of their illegal act of not complying with the rules and regulations in the interest of the general public. They will be charged with a high fine or imprisonment, or both.

  9. A smooth trend of business: whenever any business or trade receives the LMPC certificate from the legal metrology department, their business activities will start running smoothly without any hindrance or legal act.

  10. It provides a smooth flow of all the business activities in their day-to-day transactions and while dealing with the customer.

  11. Businesses that comply with the legal metrology act and provide all the required documents to the legal metrology department while dealing with the weights or measurements or pre-packaged commodities will never face any kind of legal issues related to their business.

  12. The officer of legal metrology has the power to inspect all the documents of the applicant and the power to inspect the activities of the business while dealing in weights and measurements or pre-packaged commodities.

  13. The legal metrology officer also has the power to cancel or suspend the license, license or registration, or LMPC certificate of any applicant in case of any default or illegal act conducted by the applicant. Or in any case, where the applicant is found guilty of non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the act, provided thereto.

Registration Under Legal Metrology

As we are all aware, LMPC registration of a manufacturer, importer, packer, dealer, or seller of the commodity is necessary under the legal metrology act. The legal metrology act has described some important rules and regulations which are to be followed and complied with by the manufacturer, importer, or packer of the commodities or weights and measures. A manufacturer's registration is necessary for every manufacturer who deals in weights or measures, or who manufactures the weights or measures, a pre-pack comedy.

LMPC Importer registration is necessary for every importer who imports or exports the weight and measures or pre-packaged commodities within the country or outside the country. Packer registration is necessary for every person who packs a pre-packed commodity under the legal metrology act.

Importance of LMPC Registration for trade

  1. LMPC Registration under legal metrology is necessary for the smooth run of the business. It promotes effective trade in the market and transparency between the customer and the seller of the commodity.

  2. For the LMPC registration of a manufacturer, importer, or seller of the commodity, several documents are required to fulfill the requirements of the registration under the legal metrology act.

  3. Without such documents, no person is allowed to deal in weights and measures or the prepared commodity.

  4. Approval from the legal metrology department is required to deal with the weights or measures or the pre-packed commodity.

  5. As per the Indian legal metrology system, every person whosoever deals in the prepackaged commodity or the weights or measures needs to provide his information such as:

    • his name,
    • address,
    • address of the manufacturing unit,
    • contact details,
    • Price of the commodity, etc.

  6. The Legal metrology act has established specific regulations and norms for the distribution and sale of packaged goods.

  7. The act also specifies the procedure to be followed when exporting or importing the commodities.

  8. The LMPC act aims to establish and enforce standards of weights and measures and to regulate trade and commerce in weights, measures, and other goods which are

    • Sold, or
    • Distributed by weights, measures, or numbers.

  9. Any person who deals in the pre-packing of any commodity in tin wrappers or bottles needs to register themselves under rule 27 of the legal metrology packaged commodity rules 2011.
  10. Registration shall be done either by the director of legal metrology or the controller of legal metrology. 

  11. An applicant needs to apply with the legal metrology department for the LMPC registration and LPMC license under the legal metrology department to the dealer, manufacturer, importer, repairer of weights and measures for dealing in weighing and measuring instruments. For such a purpose, the license is necessary.

  12. Registration for manufacturing or importing packaged commodities is required to be done under rule 27 of the legal metrology rules for packing and commodities 2011.

  13. The rule makes the registration mandatory for every importer, manufacturer, and packer of packaged commodities. 

  14. The LMPC certificate or LMPC registration is mandatory for those who import or export pre-packaged commodities for sale and distribution in the Indian market.

  15. Legal metrology online registration can be done through the portal of the respective state of the applicant. If the applicant wants to submit the registration application offline then he may approach the legal metrology office in the respective state.

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