Approval of the model of imported goods under Legal Metrology is of two ways which include services for Non-Weight and Measuring instruments under which the registration of Packer or manufacturer is done and the registration for Legal Metrology packed commodities certificate is covered for the importer. 

Then another type of approval and services are for the Weight and Measuring instruments under which the registration of importer for weight and measurement items along with the model approval for imported goods are given. There are various parts of model approval of imported goods and some of them we are going to cover under this article.  




  1. 1. Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Act Commodities Rules, 2011 talks about the application made for the Packer registration to the controller or the director of the prepacked commodities. Under rule 27 of the act every Packer, importer, and manufacturer does require the Packer registration of the pre-pack commodities.


  1. 2. The primary responsibility of each Packer is to make the proper declaration as per the prepacked commodities rules, such mandatory declarations have to be made with the compliance of rule 6 of packed commodities registration, 2011.


  1. 3. The packaging of the imported commodities must comply with the packed commodities rules 2011 under the Legal Metrology Act 2009 has to be insured by the Packer. 

  1. 4. It is important to tell if a person is willing to sell the pre-packed commodities in two or more states, then the Packer Registration shall be done by the Central Government and such registration is mandatory for every Packer. Search Registration is also known as the Legal Metrology Packed Commodity Certificate. 




  • Every person which includes individual, Hindu undivided family, company from a firm, society, or corporation whosoever is involved in the business of prepackaging or importing the commodities for delivery, distribution, or sale shall apply for the registration along with the prescribed fee to the director or the controller under rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packed Commodities Rules, 2011. 
  • The period to file the application is 90 days from the day of commencement of business, which means the manufacturer must apply for registration within 90 days of dealing in the business of prepacked commodities.
  •  Essentials of every application are the complete address of the manufacturer, the complete address of the importer of one or more commodities, the name of the applicant and the name of the commodities prepacked, or imported by the applicant. 
  •  The license of the importer or manufacturer is valid for up to five years and not less than one year. 
  • In the case of renewal of the license under section 45 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 the application has to be made within three months from the date of expiry. 
  • If the manufacturer or importer is willing to meet any kind of alteration in the registration certificate then the prescribed fee for such alteration is rupees 100 which is payable by the concerned importer, packer, or manufacturer to the director or the controller. 
  • All the above-mentioned rules and procedures and all the guidelines provided in the act are mandatory and not an option for the importer manufacturer or Packer. If any person is willing to deal in the pre-packed commodities in the Indian market, then he has to make sure that all the compliance shall be done within the prescribed time along with the prescribed fee given under the act. failing which can lead to paying a fine of a heavy amount or imprisonment or both.

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