Legal Metrology Department Seized Product in Goa

  1. On February 2, 2022, a surprise inspection and various raids were conducted by the legal metrology department in various parts of Goa. During that surprise inspection and raids, several shop products and units were seized by the Legal Metrology department due to the non-compliance of the act, improper declarations made on the packages, and considering other factors. 

  2. Strict action has been taken by the legal metrology department against the people who were violating the law while selling goods. Legal metrology department raids have been conducted at several places.

  3. The team from the Legal Metrology department seized products valued at over 80,000 and weighing scales in a series of raids at several establishments across Ponda in February 2022.

  4. Twelve shops were found without permission to carry out their trade from the said department. Also, it was found that some shopkeepers were paying less quantity in the package than they weight disclosed.

  5. The raids in Goa have been conducted in several places such as Tisk-Usgao, Kuncoliem, Bandora, Shiroda, and Farmagudi.

  6. The Goa raid work was conducted by the inspectors Shubert D’Costa, Demu Apari, and Vikas Kandolkar.

Goa Legal Metrology Department

  1. With a motive to protect the interests of the consumer, different acts and rules have been enforced. To get and utilize the commodity in the proper way to measure the amount which is paid by the consumer is the common and primary right of the consumer.

  2. The department of weights and measures is changed to the department of legal metrology as notified by the central government on issuing the notification.

  3. The name suggests the department of Legal Metrology relates the unit of weights and measures to the public.

  4. It is the result of the efforts of both local and national leaders that led to the adoption of the most progressive and uniform metric system throughout our country.

  5. The department of legal metrology is an important organ of consumer protection and has an important role to play in providing the citizens with friendly administration of services that are concerned with technical and statutory requirements of safeguarding the public interest from the point of security and accuracy of weights and measures.

  6. As per the rules and statutes for safeguarding the interest of the consumer, the Legal Metrology wings came into force. It is a piece of service-oriented government machinery that helps in getting the general public's information regarding the acts and rules implemented by Legal Metrology.

  7. The different licenses under the act include time limits and compliant disposal. The guidelines in brief are made available in the citizens' chapter of the department.

  8. In the general metrology world, people are more oriented and transparent, which is very helpful in raising the image of legal metrology as being in the interest of the consumer or general public.

  9. The main work of the inspector of legal metrology in the district is to verify the stamp's weight and measure the winnings regularly. He has to inspect and check all the weights and measures and other activities related to the legal metrology department.

  10. The act established and enforced the standard of weights and measures, regulated trade and commerce in weights and measures, and other goods which are sold or distributed by weights, measures, or number matters connected thereto.

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