BIS and LMPC Certificate

BIS and LMPC Certificate


The BIS certificate and the LMPC certificate are provided to the manufacturer, importer, or dealer of the commodity. It provides authority and provides permission to the manufacturer or importer of the commodity to sell the commodity to the customers. Obtaining the certificate ensures compliance with the act and protects the interests of the consumer.

Without obtaining the LMPC certificate and the BIS certificate, no manufacturer or brand of the commodity is not allowed to deal in the Indian market. "BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards. It is a certificate that demonstrates the quality of the product by brand and manufacturer.

Needs for BIS and LMPC Certificate

  1. The BIS certificate enables the applicant to offer a third-party guarantee of safety, reliability, and quality of product to the customers. Furthermore, it ensures the product is safe and credible for the consumer's consumption.

  2. The main purpose of obtaining business certificates is to identify the problems faced by the industry. MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). The startup's and small enterprises' issues are considered, and for the betterment of business as well as to protect the interests of consumers, these certificates are provided to the manufacturer or importer of the commodity.

  3. However, the government has taken various suggestions at various points for building a solid system that encourages the proper and fruitful adoption of Indian standards across services and products.

  4. Numerous workshops have been conducted by the government, focusing on the Indian standards to meet Global Standards in spare time to ensure their achievement fruitfully.

  5. In the headquarters, such workshops have been organized, having the primary motive and focus on the aspects of the following:
    • Standard formulation,
    • The conformity assessment process, and
    • Testing requirements testing.

  6. These certificates also help in promoting the ease of the business process. The government is facilitating simplification of the process of compliance, particularly that which is required to be completed by the applicant to obtain the BIS certificate and LMPC certificate. This entry was posted on August 1, 2010. (Read Related Blog also: Importance of Legal Metrology Registration for Business)

  7. The Central government has also put light on the issue of decriminalization of legal metrology provision, which would be very fruitful and helpful for every businessman, whether it's a high-level business or a small shop, and it's going to make their business run smoothly and properly without any unnecessary hindrance or trouble.

  8. The BIS certificate and the LMPC certificate are both required by the manufacturer and importer of the commodity. This certificate protects the rights of the consumer as well as ensures the progress of business activities productively.

  9. Any importer who wishes to import the commodity into India needs to comply with the rules and regulations of the act and needs to obtain the BIS certificate and LMPC certificate for the import and export of weights and measurements.

  10. The union minister of consumer affairs Mr. Piyush Gupta address the workshop and ensured the proper service and zone will be given to the businesses of all small vendors so that they can progress with their business without any unnecessary interference. Provided that only the prior motive should be sustained which is to protect the interests and rights of the consumer.

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