What are the things which fall under the ambit of legal metrology?


Legal metrology law in India has a wider scope than people usually know about it or think about it. Here we want to make it very clear that every single thing that deals in the Legal Metrology weights measurement of anything whether it's the instrument to measure the temperature of a body, temperature of the weather, weight of gas in the cylinder instrument, an instrument which tells about the petrol supply to the petrol pump, weights of any product, the weight of anything, comes under the ambit of legal metrology. 

Here we are going to discuss several things which are used by the customers on a regular basis or the things from which the consumer is regularly taking these services on a daily basis and the same is not very much known to the consumer that these things also fall under the ambit of legal metrology.

Legal Metrology for Petrol Pumps

  1. The legal metrology department takes care of the supply of petrol to the consumer at the petrol pumps. If any petrol pump is doing any kind of malpractice or tries to conduct fraud on the consumer, he will be charged under the legal metrology act.

  2. The department of legal metrology will take immediate action on the complaint of the consumer with regards to the petrol pump.

  3. Consumers should be aware while taking the petrol from the petrol pumps, the quantity of petrol has been provided to the consumer in what amount.

  4. Consumers should be much more aware to know that he is paying the accurate amount for the quantity he is getting and consuming.

Legal Metrology for Hotels, cinemas, restaurants, etc.

Now you will think that legal metrology deals with weights and measures, so what is the use of legal metrology in hotels, cinemas, restaurants, and malls. Here we are going to tell you that legal metrology plays a very important role in the above-mentioned places, as the customer will be dealt with by the legal metrology department and its officers to protect the interests of the consumer.

The legal metrology department has started taking strict action on the abovementioned places in the case of overcharging for the sale of packages from the customer. When the customer has been overcharged by any hotel, cinema, or restaurant for the services he is obtaining is more than the service he has taken, he may complain to the legal metrology department, and the department will take immediate action on such places as per the Legal Metrology law in India.

Legal Metrology for Digital or Electronic Meter Installed in Auto Rickshaws & Cabs

  1. Many of us are not aware that the meter which is placed in the auto-rickshaw and cabs under which we can see how much and how many kilometres we have travelled and what are the charges we have to pay as per the travelling calculation shown by the meter.

  2. Digital or Electronic meters also come under the ambit of legal metrology. The legal Metrology thermometer also plays an important role in Indian Legal Metrology.

  3. Legal metrology on several occasions has booked several auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers in their respective states for charging more from the consumer by showing wrong figures for the kilometres travelled by the consumer.

  4. The directorate of civil supplies and consumer affairs has booked 13 auto-rickshaw drivers for violating the provisions of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands legal metrology enforcement rules 2011.

  5. Various states in India have installed the meter in the cabs which are run based on app aggregators such as Ola and Uber. The purpose of installing the meter in the cabs is to protect the interests and rights of the consumer and to make them aware that they should not pay more for the fewer kilometres they have travelled.

  6. People should be much aware that they should pay only for the kilometre they have travelled and if in case they find anything suspicious with regards to the meter placed in the cabs, taxis, or auto rickshaws they should immediately make a complaint to the legal metrology department of their respective jurisdiction.

LPG Cylinder Under Legal Metrology

Many people are aware of the cylinder under legal metrology because in the last few years the legal metrology department has been acting in a super active mode to seize the various units of LPG cylinders and file cases against various dealers of LPG cylinders because they were providing less quantity of gas inside the cylinder and charging more from the consumer.

The legal metrology department during the time of spreading awareness always tells the consumer that whenever you purchase LPG from any agency, you should ask the dealer to weigh the LPG cylinder in front of your eyes.

In the event of any doubt, the consumer has the full right to re-weigh the cylinder again, and no dealer or seller is allowed to deny the same.  

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