Verification of Weights & Measures by GATC

Mark the verification by GATC

  1. The government approved the test center after carrying out the metrological evolution of weights and measures. The same confirms two specifications laid down under the act and rules, which make it mandatory to issue the certificate of verification.
  2. It is mandatory for the verification mark shall contains the quarter of the year and two digits for the year in the lower half of the semicircle.
  3. The legend "IND" and the code number assigned to the test center in the upper half of the semicircle shall be mentioned.
  4. It is important for the test center to provide the proof of verification while providing the certificate, without which the validity of the certificate will be in question and the same is not maintainable. It means that a certificate of verification shall also be issued by the test center as proof of verification.
  5. However, no such certificate shall be revoked unless the holder of the certificate has been given an opportunity to be heard for cause against the proposed action. Also there are specific provisions to obtain Legal Metrology Certificate.

Why is there a need for government approved test centers?

  1. India is growing rapidly, and so is the number of weights and measuring equipment. To stop the fraud committed against the interest of the consumer and against the interest of the Indian legal metrology system, the verification, stamping, calibration, and certification of any equipment has to be done by the legal metrology officer of the concerned district.
  2. At present, the ratio of the amount of equipment to the number of legal metrology officers is rising rapidly. However, this rises, causing delays in procedures and constructing the industry to reach its full potential. Legal Metrology Registration is necessary to initiate the process.

Verification of Weights and Measures in the GATC

  1. For the purpose of verification, any person can apply to the government-approved test centre for verification of one or more kinds of weights and measures.
  2. The weights and measures specified in the first schedule shall be verified by a government-approved test center.

The Government Approved Test Centers in India under the Legal Metrology

In accordance with section 24, subsection 2 of the Approved Test Centers Rule 2013, the legal metrology is specified weights and measures, which are required to be examined at government approved test centers. Some examples of weights and measurs are given below:

  • Load Cells,
  • Clinical Thermometer,
  • Counter Machine,
  • Sphygmomanometer,
  • Beam Scale,
  • Tape Measures,
  • Water Meter, 
  • Weights of all categories, non automatic weighing instruments of accuracy class four or class three of 150.

To Whom Can You Submit the Application?

  1. As per the rules of legal metrology, a person who desires to obtain recognition under the rules for carrying out verification of weights and measures specified under the act shall make an application to the director of Legal Metrology in the specified form under the second schedule of the act.
  2. The application shall be made only by the principal officer of the said laboratory.
  3. All the regional references are standard laboratories working under the administrative control of the department of consumer affairs functions as deemed approved test centers on the date of publication of the rules in the official gadget as per the rules and act.
  4. Applications to the regional reference standard laboratories shall comply with the provisions of these rules as if they were government approved test centers.

Government Approved test Centers

There is a mark assigned to the Government Approved Test Centers and it contains the national identification namely, IND, letters, the last two digits of the year of the issue, the code number assigned to the government approved test center.

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