Legal Metrology Offences


  1. Offences under legal metrology are committed by the manufacturer, importer, Packer, or seller of the commodity.

  2. The offence under legal metrology takes place while the non-compliance of the act has been conducted by any dealer in the Indian market.

  3. Offences under Legal Metrology increase the legal metrology disputes and put the manufacturer, importer, and packer of the commodity in trouble.

  4. Several orders have been passed by the Supreme Court of India and the Hon’ble High Courts with regards to the Legal Metrology disputes and the offence is committed under the Legal Metrology act.

  5. However, the act overrides the effect of IPC in many cases as it is a compoundable offence and a person can discharge just by paying a fine.

  6. There are different fines for different offences committed under the act, which must be paid by the person liable for the offences.  

  7. Offences under legal metrology can be committed because of the followings:

    1. By the non-compliance is of the Act,

    2. Improper declarations made on the package,

    3. Not registering the person with the legal metrology department,

    4. Not registering the manufacturing unit with the legal metrology department, and

    5. Not obtaining the certificate from the Legal Metrology department.

  8. If any person/consumer finds any kind of offence committed, he should immediately inform the legal metrology department of its jurisdiction. So that the proper inspection and inquiry can be conducted in case of the offence committed. (Read More: Supreme Court in State of UP vs. Aman Mittal, Legal Metrology)

Legal Metrology Consumer Awareness Program

  1. The legal metrology department conducts various workshops and spreads awareness among the consumer so that they will be aware and keep themselves away from the fraud that may happen to them.

  2. The Legal Metrology Department provides them with the proper education so that in case any manufacturer, importer, or Packer of the commodity tries to cheat the consumer, in that situation consumers should be much aware to catch such fraud or cheating by manufacturer, importer, or Packer of the commodity.

Laws on Legal Metrology

  1. Various laws have been laid down on legal metrology and various acts have been made by the Government of India to protect the interests of the consumer and also protect the interests of the business by giving them the proper opportunity to deal in the Indian market only on the condition is to fulfil the compliances of the act so that no fraudulent activity will take place.

  2. Legal metrology laws provide various guidelines for the manufacturer, importer, Packer, and dealer of the commodity so that they can work in a proper league by making all the formalities also helps the general public and the consumer to trust the business which provides the large opportunity to the business in obtaining the trust of the consumer which ultimately increase their goodwill.

  3. These laws reduce the chances of fraudulent activities. Legal metrology act protects the rights of the consumer and provides the proper opportunity to the business to make better coordination in the Indian market and reduce fraudulent activity for the smooth run without any inconvenience to the business as well as to the consumer who is buying and selling the product by the way of websites, e-commerce entities or from the shops, wholesaler, retailer, dealer of the commodity.

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