Legal Metrology Rules

Discussing the legal and upcoming amendments under legal metrology with certain verifying just to save the interest of public and consumer to make aware that in this particular weight and measures is legal when it is verified and stamped.

Discussion in Legal Metrology Workshop

Various issues pertaining to legal metrology workshop In the workshop of Legal Metrology, the following authors were present:
  1. The Hon’ble minister for consumer affairs, food, and public distribution. Commerce, industry, and textiles Shri Piyush Goyal,
  2. Hon’ble minister of state for consumer affairs, food and public distribution, environment, forest, and climate change, Sh Ashwani Chobey,
  3. Hon’ble minister of state for consumer affairs, food and public distribution, and rural development, honourable Haryana, and ministers from various states like
    • Uttar Pradesh,
    • Bihar
    • Manipur
    • Delhi,
    • Odisha
    • Madhya Pradesh,
    • Sikkim, and
  4. secretaries and principal secretaries of the States dealing with the issues of consumer affairs, controllers of legal metrology and legal metrology officers from states and union territories, representatives of consumer organisations, representatives from industries, industry associations.

The national workshop on the Legal Metrology Act 2009 was to give a break on the Decriminalization of provisions of the Legal Metrology Act to facilitate the ease of doing business and to protect the interests of consumers. (Read also: Reasons of Decriminalization of Legal Metrology Act)

Compounding of offences under Legal Metrology Act

Under the legal metrology act, whenever the cases are booked on in first offence, second offence, or subsequent offence, there is no provision given for the arrest. 

The case is booked by the inspector of legal metrology in the event of non-compounding, and the court, after following the due procedure, summons the offender, who may be present personally or through an advocate. 

However, in the court, the person has to be present personally, and if he fails to be present before the court of law, the court may again issue a warrant against the offender. Once the warrants are issued against the offender, he needs to take a bail.

Where the cases are non-compounding of offences, and if no appeal is filed against the controller or the state government, the legal metrology officer, who is the inspector, may file the case in the court of law to initiate legal proceedings against the offender. Thereafter, the court will decide the case either by upholding the case or by rejecting the charges made by the inspector against the offender.

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