GATC Cerifiacte Under Legal Metrology

GATC Cerifiacte Under Legal Metrology

Certificate of Government Approved Test Centers

For the purpose of verification, the office specified weights and measures the certificate of government approved test centers may be suspended by the director in the event of omission or failure on the part of the holder of such certificate. And the proper inspection is conducted for various purposes.
  1. Not complying with the conditions specified in the certificate.
  2. To verify the weights of measures in accordance to which the certificate is issued or related
  3. Verification does not conform to the rules of standards specified in the act and rules made thereunder.
  4. Where any certificate has been suspended under subrule, 1, the order of suspension shall not be vacated unless the omission of failure for which the suspension was made has been complied with and the sum of compounding the offense has been deposited to the government in the same form as the test center.
  5. There is an exception to it that no such suspension shall be made except after giving the holder of the certificate an opportunity to be heard against the cause of the proposed action.

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