A Violation Under the Legal Metrology

A Violation Under the Legal Metrology

Several offences cause a violation under legal metrology. Any person who fails or omits to submit models of any weights or measures for approval commits the violation under legal metrology and shall be liable to be punished with a fine which may extend to twenty thousand rupees. 

However, for the second or subsequent offence, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 1 year, a fine, or both. However there is a compounding of offence under legal metrology.

What is a Violation Under Legal Metrology?

  1. An offender commits an offence by doing the violation with regards to any legal metrology weights or measures. An offender means a person who carries on directly or otherwise the business of buying, selling, supplying, or distributing any such weights or measures, whether for cash or deferred payment or commission regulation or other valuable consideration, and includes a commission agent, an importer, or a manufacturer who sells, supplies, distributes, or otherwise delivers any weights or measures manufactured by him to any person other than a dealer.  (Read alsoPublic Grievances, Redressal, Time Limits Under Legal Metrology)

  2. Whenever any manufacturer, importer, packer, or dealer of the commodity commits an offence and breaks the legal metrology rules by not ensuring the public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of weighing and measurement concerning the mandatory technical and legal requirements, he is liable to prosecution. 

  3. Every time any manufacturer, importer, or packer of the commodity does not comply with section five of the act, which shall be standard units of weights and measures, it is a commencement of violation under the legal metrology act 

  4. Whenever any manufacturer or importer of the commodity uses weights or measures or numerals other than the standard weights, measures, or numerals, or numerals commits an offence under Legal Metrology. 

Prohibition of Quotation Under the Legal Metrology

Otherwise, in terms of standard units of weights, measures, and numeration, it means no person shall, concerning any good, thing, or service, does the followings:

  1. Make an announcement of it by word of mouth, or otherwise,

  2. Any price or change 

  3. Sure exhibit any price list, invoice, cash memo, or other documents, or 

  4. Prepare or publish any advertisement, poster, or other documents, or 

  5. Indicate the net quantity of a pre packed commodity or 

  6. Express concerning any transaction or protection, any quantity or dimensions, other than under the standard units of weights and measures.

Which usage is void under the legal metrology?

  1. Any custom, usage, etc. contrary to standard weights, measures, or numeration to be void, or

  2. Any custom, usage, practice or method of whatever nature which permits a person to demand, receive or calls to be demanded or received, any quantity of article, things or service in accesses or less than the quantity specified by weights measures on the number in the contract or other agreement concerning the said article, things or service shall be void.

Which violation affects the consumer interest under the legal metrology?

Any violation which is committed under legal metrology directly or indirectly affects the interest of the consumer. Any person who can be a packer, manufacturer, dealer, or importer of a commodity who does not comply with the regulations of legal metrology has committed a violation under the law enforced. However, there are several violations that can be done or committed by a person in the following manner 

  1. Sale of delivery of commodities by non-standard weights or measures or weighing or measuring instruments.

  2. By dealing in Indian Legal Metrology by not complying and obtaining the licence under legal metrology from the legal metrology department,

  3. Use of any quotation other than in terms of standard units like weights, measures, and pay in measuring instruments.

  4. Standard weights and measures are in measuring instruments for use in transactions. 

  5. Sale of any stamped weights or measures, or weighing or measuring instruments.

  6. Entering into a contract or other agreements in which the standard weights or measures other than the approved standard weights or measures have been used by the manufacturer, packer, or importer of the commodity.

  7. Any kind of alteration in tampering with any licence issued by the department of legal metrology violates the act.

  8. Keeping on non-standard weights or measures or being measuring instruments for transaction and use.

  9. With some measures, or being or measuring instruments other than standard ones prescribed under the act in force.

  10. Any kind of tampering, removal of seals, increasing dimensions, altering legal metrology weight measurement, or counterfeiting to deceive any person in a transaction is committed by the manufacturer, packer, or importer of the commodities in violation of the rules of the act.

  11. If any person enters into a contract or other agreement in terms of standard weights or measures other than approved standard weights or measures, they are committing an offence under the act.

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