International Organisation of Legal Metrology

International Organisation of Legal Metrology

Legal Metrology is well known for the application of legal requirements to measurement and measuring instruments. We all are very much aware that legal metrology has a wide role in the entire world wherever we talk about the weights and measurement. It is always covered under Legal Metrology.

It also plays a wide range of scope and important parts in the field of economics and Society of every country. The Indian Legal Metrology system protects the rights of the consumer in the same way the Legal Metrology system on the international level provides the safeguard to the interests of the consumer and keeps a regular check on the businesses whether it's on online mode or whether the consumer is buying the product directly from the manufacturer, importer, a trader of the commodity. (Read also: International Studies on Legal Metrology)

Legal Metrology for Measurements

It is an application of legal requirements for two measurement and measuring instruments. Very often small errors in either direction average out over a large number of measurements we can find but the biassed error can create considerable financial prejudice and can have serious economic consequences for the consumer. To protect against errors and fraud the legislation of measurement and measuring instruments is required and virtually all countries provide such protections by indicating metrology in their legislation.

International Importance of Measurement

Measurements are playing such an important role in our day-to-day lives we often take them for granted and sometimes we don't even realise how important measurement is for us. Here we are going to tell the importance of measurement on the international level visit place in everyone's life, such as:

Importance in Medical Check up

People undergo medical checks to make sure that they're healthy. Such medical checks are not possible without the measurement.

To Measure the speed of a Vehicle

Anyone can monitor the speed at which the person drives to ensure safety and thus reduce the casualties, search monitoring speed is not possible without the measurement. 

When going to the offices or for having an appointment, be punctual for the time and satellite positioning system to pinpoint anyone's location. It's just not possible without the measurement. It is part of the measurement and plays an important role in everyone's life.

To know the Quantity of Fuel

Whenever any consumer fills the car with fuel by volume the information about the fuel and its quantity can be gained by the way of measurement only. 

Every one of us consumes electricity, water, and gas which are billed based on measurements.

Use of Measurement in Buying Eatables

People while buying meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables by weight can get to know about their weight only because of this system of weights and measurements.

Helpful in Treatment

The best example of the importance of measurement can detect the incorrect radiation doses in cancer treatment can have a direct critical effect on our health which is detected on time and can be cured only because of the measurement system.

Legislation on measurement and measuring instruments is required in all the above cases as well as there are many other examples of measurement which is the inner need to protect both the buyer and the seller in any transaction which is to be a commercial.

Measurements are used to apply ascension however virtually all countries protect by including metrology in their legislation hence the term Legal Metrology is built up.

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