Legal Metrology Declaration on Food Packages

  1. The first thing is the name and address of the manufacturer, Packer, and importer should be mentioned on the package of commodity.

  2. Package of the commodity should have all the mandatory declarations on food packages under the legal metrology (packaged) commodity rules.

  3. The net quantity of weight, measure number unit and size of food commodity if applicable.

  4. Consumers can have in grams, whatever it is month and year of manufacturing, manufacture maximum retail price of the food including all taxes.

  5. Therefore, the MRP should be written on the product and no manufacturer, importer, or packer of the commodity is allowed to sell more than the amount mentioned in the MRP.

  6. Manufacturers should mention the customer care number, name, address, and phone number of the person or office who can be contacted in case of consumer complaint should be there. 

What is the additional declaration on the package?

  1. The net weight of the product apart from the additional declarations are also on every package, That is, the size and dimension of a commodity pack has to be there with the the following details:
    • Name,
    • Address,
    • phone number,
    • a person who can be in the office can be contacted for consumer complaints sometimes. 

  2. If any person is running a restaurant and he is selling the food  then you must place the followings:
    • Vegetarian food should have a green card, and
    • In case of non-vegetarian food you have to put a red dot sticker,

  3. It can be used for decoration other than the declaration requirement in create under the following  groups'
    • legislation of Packer,
    • importer of pre-packaged commodities is mandatory.

  4. There should be a proper difference in the same product for different outlets that is prohibited therefore MRP has to be saved as an individual sticker or package for all products or making declaration is not permissible.

  5. These are some of the additional questions so whenever you buy a product you have to look at these six mandatory declarations and also see that the influence stickers put over any of the markings that is prescribed under the legal metrology rules.

  6. The rules also provide that if anyone delivers less quantity to the consumer it is a violation of provisions of the legal action rules and is punishable.

  7. In any case the trader or manufacturer found guilty of charging more than the MRP he will be prosecuted in the court of law. (Read also: Legal Metrology Rules for Food Industry)

  8. If the trader mark the face of a commodity with any sticker or they printed MRP under the rate of division he shall be mention the final figure rupees declaration to be made on area of display of at least 40% of total that face area of pack so if a commodity packages there is a 40% of the total area should have all these declarations.

  9. If the size of a package is bigger, consumers can read the net quantity checking is moral scientific.

  10. Barcoding has to also be there on the package of the commodity but it is on an involuntary basis the activities provide for the act and rules provide for a better way to redress consumer preferences.

  11. If a violation by trader, manufacturer, or importer takes place the consumer may proceed to file a complaint to the first noodle officer of the state at the unit with the following information
    • complete address
    • phone no.
    • Email address
    • operator name of commodity and
    • quantity purchase proof of purchase so you need to have your bill and
    • invoice serial number of the vector scale used for being the shopkeeper refuses to give details
    • A photograph of the shop, and
    • Product purchase will also be provided,
    • uploaded with the campaign and required now that is the first state in the second state, that is called it in the second tier the consumer can file a complaint at the district that is under the 3000 for protection act.

Where can a Consumer file the Complaint?

  1. Every district has a consumer department where complaints up to 20 lakhs can be filed in the State commissions where complaints ever would like one can fight, and

  2. Consumers can file a complaint in the National Commission where complaints above ₹1,00,00,000 can be filed so this is what the legal metrology act provides to protect the interest of the consumer.

  3. The Legal Metrology act provides for the basic understanding of a consumer of what types of weights and measures he needs to look at when he is buying a product.

  4. In case of a commencement of offence the consumer should go and file the complaint to the legal metrology officer at the local level.

  5. He can also go and file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act against the offender who can be a manufacturer, packer, or importer of a commodity.

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