The Validity Period of Different Weights & Measures Under Legal Metrology

While considering the Legal Metrology Rules the government has created four quarters for the facility for the traders and searched four quarters:

  • January to March,
  • April to June,
  • July to September, and
  • October to September.

This means that legal metrology weights and measures verified in January can be re-verified up to the next month to ignore the penalty. A certificate of Verification of legal metrology is mandatory to obtain to deal in the weights and measures.

As per the Legal Metrology law, rules and act there are prescribed validity of different weights and measures which are explained in the chart given below:

Name of weights and measures 

Validity period 

Tank Lorries 

24 months 

Cast iron weights 

24 months 

Bullion Weights 

24 months 

Sheet metal weights 

24 months 

Counter machine 

24 months 

Capacity measures 

24 months 

Been scale 

24 months 

Length Measures 

24 months 

Electronic Scale 

12 months 

Platform machine 

12 months 


12 months 

Fuel dispenser 

12 months 

Storage tank 

five years 

Dispensing pump 

one year 

Weights and measures 

one year 

Display the Certificate of Verification

It is necessary to display the certificate of verification granted under the legal metrology act at a conspicuous place on the premises where such weights or measures are being or intended or likely to be used in any transaction or for protection.

Under section 23 of Legal Metrology Act 2009, no person shall make, manufacture, repair, sell any weights or measures unless he holds a valid licence as per schedule IV of legal metrology enforcement rules 2011. (Read More: Importance of Legal Metrology Laws)

Packer needs to Register himself with Legal Metrology Department

Any person or firm that pre-packs any commodity in a bottle, tin, wrapper or otherwise in a unit suitable for sale is a Packer and he needs to register himself with the legal metrology department in compliance with the rules and regulations of the laws and the legal metrology.

No manufacturer, Packer, dealer, importer, and seller of the commodity is allowed to deal in the Indian market without having prior permission and without getting themselves registered under the legal metrology act with the department. Legal Metrology online registration can be done by a packer.

Fine under Legal Metrology

If any person is found guilty of giving short or lesser deliveries he shall be liable to the fine which may extend up to rupees 10,000.

Any person who is found guilty of charging more than the MRP printed on the package of the commodity shall be punished with a fine which may extend up to rupees 2000.

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