Hints to Consumers While Buying Commodities


  1. If the consumer has any doubt about the correctness of weights and measures used by any trader or industrial establishment, then he should look for the seal of verification stamp of the department and demand a copy of the certificate of verification issued by the legal metrology department. If the consumer is still not satisfied, then he may contact the enforcement officer in the area of jurisdiction.

  2. If the consumer feels cheated by the trader by way of weights and measures or weighing and measuring instruments, then he should contact the enforcement officials of his jurisdiction and report the incident and his observations. Do volunteer to be a witness during the inspection of the enforcement officials' legal metrology department

  3. If any trader compels the consumer to buy goods in terms of nonstandard units, then in such a case, consumers should make a demand and insist on receiving the commodities in standard units only. Nonstandard units of weights and measures are illegal, and the present law prohibits the use of nonstandard weights and measures in any transaction of trade and commerce. In any transaction involving such non-standard units, contact the enforcement official in your area and report the malpractice committed by the trader, manufacturer, or dealer of the commodity.

  4. If the consumer is confused by quoting or reading any advertisement or exhibit in units other than the standard units, then he must insist on quote in terms of standard units or demand to change the exhibit and advertisement in terms of standard units only.

  5. If the consumer is purchasing the commodity in a packaged form, then he must look for the following declaration made on the packages
    1. name and address of the manufacturer or packer of the commodity.

    1. The common or generic name of the commodity.

    1. Net quantity of the commodity.

    1. Month and year of manufacturing or packing of the commodity. 

    1. Maximum retail sale price.

    1. Any other information thereto.

Consumer awareness program

  1. As we are all aware, fraud in the market sector is increasing day by day. Consumers become victims while buying the commodity, and they are not even aware of the same. It is the primary responsibility of the Legal Metrology department to safeguard the interests of the consumer. For the same purpose, the legal metrology department conducts various consumer awareness programs at various places after a certain interval.

  2. These awareness programs or workshops are conducted by the legal metrology department, in which various ministers of different states take part and put forth their views on legal metrology. This special workshop is also organised by the legal metrology department in which the proper details for the consumer are provided by the department, under which they tell the consumer how they can keep themselves away from fraud while buying the commodity from the market, manufacturer, importer, or packer of the commodity. They also provide awareness regarding the purchase on the e-commerce website and provide every single detail to the consumer that should be considered while buying the commodity in every case.

  3. Consumer awareness is all about providing the answers to questions to get the details of a product or service. It includes a comparison of products and services from different sellers to learn more about the products being sold by different sellers in different areas. A consumer awareness program is all about having the freedom to choose what best suits consumer needs and will not harm the consumer.

  4. Several measures have been taken by the government to protect consumers from exploitation, which also includes providing trade marks like ISI, egg mark for agricultural goods, and half mark bold.

  5. A consumer program is necessary because it plays the role of a shield from exploitation by producers and sellers. Control over the consumption of harmful goods. There are several such goods available in the market that cause harm to the consumer, and to protect the consumer from such goods, it is necessary for the consumer to attend the consumer awareness program, keep himself aware of the commodity, and know very well what to buy and what not to buy in favour of his interest.

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