Salient Features of Legal Metrology

Salient Features of Legal Metrology

The Legal Metrology system has a wider scope than we think, it plays an important role in our day-to-day lives and most people are not even aware of its vital role in their purchasing or dealing in the market. The salient features of the legal metrology act there as follows:

  1. Every unit of weights and measures following the basic metric system will be based on the following standards:
    • The biggest unit of length shall be the meter,
    • So any other unit that was there before the existence of the length which is looked at as meter is not now recognized mass shall be the kilogram.
    • Whenever we buy any product and if somebody tries to read with stone or any other illegal thing it is not legal, consumers can make an immediate complaint to the legal metrology department.
    • Electric current shall appear thermodynamic temperature shall be Calvin
    • The luminous intensity shall be candler, and
    • The amount of substance shall be bold so these are the basic units of measurement that have been provided by the legal metrology act.
    • Any other measurement that somebody claims or any other weight claims is illegal.

If it does not conform to these basic units of measurement mentioned above then it is illegal as per the Indian Legal Metrology System.  (Read also: Importance of Director Nomination Under Legal Metrology)

Legal Metrology Institute & Approved Center

  1. We have the Indian institute of Legal Metrology that essentially embarks on capacity building in the area of Legal Metrology.
  2. Then we have the Legal Metrology approved test center rules of 2013. There are a large number of test centers in the country that are approved by the legal metrology department.
  3. Under the Legal Metrology Approved Center, the products are tested and brought to the market after approval.

Declaration on the Packages

  1. The most important part of legal metrology is the declaration on the package of the commodity. As per the rules of legal metrology any commodity that is packed has to have certain declarations. We have earlier also discussed the LMPC declarations in detail which are to be compiled by the manufacturer, importer, packer, or dealer of the commodity.
  2. Manufacturer trackers are important, effective commodities are mandatory now so anybody who wants to manufacture or import any pre-pack commodity has to register himself and require the LMPC registration for imported weights and measures.
  3. Any importer who wants to import anything relating to weights and measures has to also register himself under the act provision to manufacture, repair, sale of weights and measures. Without licenses, no person is allowed to deal in weights and measures.
  4. Every product, every weight, and measure which is to be repaid, or sold, or manufactured instrument that have to be under licensed being a measuring instrument without model approval and manufacturing license, if not approved by the manufacturer or them to the do not have the license because of the illegal verification stamping of weights and measures, in such situation every weights and measure has to be verified and stamped, otherwise it is not illegal and the same cannot be taken for granted.
  5. Using unregistered and unverified weights and measures is a true offense and some penalties have also been provided under the act.
  6. Compounding of cases against offenses is there and the central government has the rulemaking power with regards to the same.
  7. One should comply with all the mandatory declarations under the legal metrology act, and commodity rules.
  8. The foremost declaration that has to be made on the package should be the name and address of the manufacturer, Packer, or the importer of the commodity.
  9. Net quantity of weights and measures, number in unit, and size of the commodity if applicable so you can have in grams
  10. The month and the year of manufacturing.
  11. It must have the Maximum Retail Price of the product including all taxes therefore the MRP should be written on the product and nobody can charge more than the written MRP on the package of the commodity.
  12. The Customer care number, name, address, and phone number of the person or office can be contacted in case of consumer complaint.

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