Declarations made on the pre-packed commodities are very much necessary because it is just not important only for the customer but also for the manufacturer, importer, packer, and the Indian market. 




  1. Every consumer who consumes the goods or commodity shall go through the declarations first which are mentioned on the package of the commodities. 

  1. Declarations on the package provide a clear picture to the customer or the consumer about the product or the commodity which they are going to consume. 

  1. Declaration on the package of the commodity clarifies the expiry date of the commodity which ultimately makes the consumer aware about the commodity and whether he can consume such a commodity on the date of buying or not or by what date he can consume such commodity in the future. 

  1. Declarations on the package of the commodity provide the proper address and name of the manufacturer to the consumer so that ever in the future if the consumer faces any kind of problem, he can directly contact the manufacturer, packer, dealer, importer, or even in case of wrong or incorrect information he can file a complaint against such manufacturer, dealer, or importer. 

  1. It provides more clarity about the product and helps the consumer to buy the commodity in the market which keeps them away from any kind of trouble which can cause health issues, skin issues, etc. 



  1. Declarations on commodities have certain advantages for the manufacturer, packer, and importer, it makes their business transaction in the Indian market very smooth without any hindrance. 

  1. By making the proper declarations as per the act on the package of the commodity they can avoid the trouble which they might face while importing the commodities to India. 

  1. By making full compliance with the declarations under the Act the Packer, manufacturer, or importer can get their registration certificate under LMPC very easily. 

  1. Proper declarations on the packaged commodities make their product more reliable and trustable in the Indian market. 

  1. If the manufacturer, packer, or importer complies with the Act and makes the proper declarations as prescribed in the Act on the package of the commodities can keep them away from any kind of legal proceedings against them. 

  1. Also, it might increase the goodwill of the manufacturer, dealer, or Packer in the market. 

  1. Declarations on the packaged commodities make the commodity or the product more reliable and trustable among the consumers as well. 

  1.  If the Packers, manufacturer, or importer makes the proper declaration on the package of the commodity then they can keep themselves far away from the fine which can be imposed on them if they do not comply with the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules and held them liable to pay the prescribed fine under the act which may increase on the subsequent attempts not complying with the rules and regulations of the act.

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