Alcohol Beverages Declarations


The sale, advertisement, and consumption of alcohol are permitted in India with certain restrictions. The laws and rules in regards to alcohol deal with the custom and exercise duty and the declaration mates on the bottle and packages of the alcohol deal with the Legal Metrology act. 

All the declarations in any kind of commodities that are consumed by the consumer or customer I've made under the guidance of the Legal Metrology Act. whereas the applicability of laws differs from state to state. 

Consumption of alcohol is permitted in several states where the minimum age of consumption differs from state to state. The bottle or the package of the alcohol shell has all the mandatory declarations on it which shall include the volume of the alcohol and other ingredients in the bottle. If any person is found guilty of noncompliance with the act and the rules and regulations related to alcohol, they will be punishable.

Labeling on Alcohol

  • Every seller former manufacturer or importer of the alcohol or liquor must provide a warning along with the specific labeling requirement about the alcohol content, no nutritional data low health claim, allergen warning, restriction on words such as intoxicating or words having a similar meaning on the label off beverage containing more than 0.5% alcohol.
  • The bonding on the bottle shall be printed in English or any other local or regional language.
  • Specific labeling requirements have to be mended mentioned in the package of the bottle which should contain the alcohol content etc.
  • The proper warning should be given on the bottle of liquor and it should comply with the provision of food business operators.
  • From first April 2019, the Regulation about the liquor warning label comes into force.
  • The act of Legal Metrology provides guidelines in the interests of the general public and to secure the market from fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Some laws also provide the necessary declaration along with the standard quality of the manufacturing, selling importing, and packing of any pre pack commodity in India.
  • There are various important elements under the act which are required to be followed by the manufacturer, importer, seller, trader former Packer of the commodity. 

Legal Metrology Act 2009

  • Legal Metrology Act, 2009 includes packing, importing, manufacturing, or selling any pre-packaged commodity.

  • If in case it does not maintain these standard quantities and does not carry all the declarations in the prescribed manner under the act then all such manufacturing, packing, selling, or importing will be prohibited.

  • The State Government has a right to forfeit of the unverified weights or measures under the act and the person will be punishable for the offense to deliver, manufacturing, selling, or using any unverified weight or measure.

  • It is mandatory to have the net quantity on any advertisement mentioning the retail price of the packaged commodity.

  • Any kind of document, invoice, quotation, package, or any other advertisement is not permitted in the non-standard unit.

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