Manufacturer Registration under Legal Metrology, Rule 2011



The main provisions for the manufacturer to get himself registered are given under Chapter 6, rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Act Rules, 2011. Any person or firm that manufactures packaged commodities is a manufacturer.

There is a clear procedure given under Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology (Pre-packaged) Commodities, Rules 2011 for the registration of manufacturers under which it is necessary that only standard packaged commodities can be imported. All the manufacturers must follow the guidelines properly about the declarations on the label of the commodities. Requirements to fill out the application are given below:   

1. The application for registration needs to be filed with the Director or the Controller of the Central Legal Metrology Department, New Delhi. 

2. The manufacturer might need to cover or update some aspects in the future with certain changes otherwise the validity of the registration is in the entire country.    

3. The manufacturer must mention all the premises in the certificate of registration in case of any kind of deletion or addition of premises covered under the certificate of registration.  



  1. 1. In case any importer has registration certificate under Legal Metrology act and the importer is also the manufacturer of the product locally then such company or firm must have a certificate of the registration as a manufacturer as well.  

  1. 2. The license of the importer or manufacturer is not transferable from one person to another and it should be properly displayed prominently at the place of business premises.   




  1. 1. Any commodity which is packed by any firm or person whether in wrapper, tin, bottle, or in units for wholesale retail or sale is a Packer.   

  1. 2. It is mandatory for all the Packers who pre-packaged the commodities to apply for registration under the Legal Metrology Act.   

  1. 3. Registration of Packer is binding under Chapter 6, Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Act.   

  1. 4. Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Act specifies the procedure for Registration of Packer as well.   




  1. 1. Sometimes in some of the packaged products, there is not enough space available to write down all the mandatory declarations along with the proper and full address of an applicant as the full addresses are usually lengthy.  

  1. 2. Rule 28 of the Act clarifies that the applicant can get the approval to mention the shorter address of the Manufacturer, Importer, or Packer.   

  1. 3. The application shall be submitted to the Director or the Controller of the Legal Metrology Department with the full details of the proper address along with the shorter preferable address which is to be mentioned on the label of the Packaged commodities.   

  1. 4. If the Director or Controller is satisfied with the application and thinks that the shorter address is sufficient to make it understand to the consumer about the contact and address of the importer, packer, or manufacturer, then the competent authority might consider the application and permit them to mention the shorter address on the label.   

  1. 5. Only after receiving the approval from the competent authority, the applicant can mention the shorter address on the pre-packaged commodity.

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