Procedure of Issuing a Certificate of Approval under Legal Metrology

Procedure of Issuing a Certificate of Approval under Legal Metrology

Test Report of Recognised Laboratory

  1. Under Legal Metrology weight measurement, after the completion of the test the recognized laboratory sends the report of its findings to the director with its recommendation on whether the model satisfies the requirement of the act and the rules made thereunder.
  2. The recognized laboratory may in the appropriate case recommend the approval, maybe a corded provisionally to enable it to conduct the detailed test and where in pursuance of such recommendations provisional approval is granted.
  3. The test may be carried out in such a manner or instruction under such conditions of installation and use, as may be specified by the director and such tests may also be continued where the recognized laboratory thinks fit to do so in the place of use of weights and measures. The test at such place of use shall have all the details, once the end of such durations and carried out on a such number of legal metrology weights and measures as may be specified by the director under the act.

Approval of Weights & Measures Model

  1. The director may require the recognized laboratory to send to him the detailed test procedure adopted by the laboratory in approving the concerned model of Weights and Measures. Applicants can also apply for the online model approval legal metrology.
  2. On examination of a report made by the recognized laboratory the director shall,
    • where he is of opinion that no further test is required to be carried out must submit the report to the central government, and
    • where he is out of the opinion that further tests are required to remedy the report back to the recognized laboratory for carrying out such further tests and thereupon the recognized laboratory shall after carry out further tests submits a report to the director.
  3. When considering the report of the recognized laboratory the director thinks that the certificate of approval about that model should be issued. It shall recommend to the central government the issue of the certificate and shall also forward to the government a copy of the report submitted to it by the recognized laboratory.

Provisional Certificate of Approval by Central Government

The central government may issue a certificate or provisional certificate of approval has been recommended by the director issuing such a certificate and authorises the director to authenticate the certificate for and on behalf of the central government. (Read also: Legal Metrology: Models Submissions of Weights & Measures)

Mark of Approval under Legal Metrology

  1. Under Model Approval legal metrology, the mark assigned to the model shall contains the National Identification Letter named IND, it shall contain the following:
    • The last two digits of the year of the issue,
    • The code number assigned to the laboratory, and
    • The code number assigned to the model.
  2. The mark assigned to the approved model shall be clearly and legibly affixed at the search place of the model as may be specified in this certificate of approval and also in each weight or measure produced by the maker or manufacturer following the approved model.
  3. However, if the approved model of weights or measures confirming the model is such that the mark assigned to the approved model cannot be affixed on it. In such a case that Mark May be associated with the condition is specified in the certificate of approval.
  4. Further where the approval is of limited character the mark of the approval shall be combined with a special mark indicating the limitation of the approval and different special marks may be made for different limitations.

Resubmissions of Disapproved Model for Approval

Whenever any model is not approved and the same is disapproved in such a case disapproved model may be resubmitted for approval after carrying out there in such modification as may be necessary whenever any disapproved model is resubmitted for approval it shall be deemed for the purpose of Levi or fees and the test their render rules to be a fresh application for the approval of that model.

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