New Rules Which Have Been Framed Under the Legal Metrology Act

New Rules Which Have Been Framed Under the Legal Metrology Act

Rules under the Act

There are several rules have been framed under the act by the way of amendments and various changes, some of the amended rules we are going to discuss and given below:

Rules Related to The Package of Commodity 

Pre-packaged commodities defined under the act as a commodity without the purchaser being present are placed in a package of whatever nature whether it is sealed or not so that the product contained herein is a predetermined quantity.

As per the legal metrology packaging rules, there is a mandatory LMPC declaration that has to be made on every package which is given below:  

  1. Country origin in case of imported packages.
  2. Month and year of manufacture pack import.
  3. Retail sale price in form of maximum retail price inclusive of all the taxes.
  4. Customer care number.
  5. Net quantity in terms of standard units of weight or measures or numbers.
  6. Month and year of manufacture/ back/ or import of the commodity.

Rules Related to Model Approval

The new rules related to model approval legal metrology have been laid down which are as follows:

  1. Some of the equipment like brass, bullions, or carat weight or any be midscale, length measure this should not be measuring tapes and which are ordinary use in retail trade for measuring textiles or timber capacity measures not exceeding 12-litre incapacity are not required to obtain model approval.
  2. However, any manufacturer or importer of vain canned measuring equipment which is prescribed under the Act 2009 and rules made their render are required to take the approval of the Government of India before manufacturing or importing such measuring equipment.

Rules Related to the Indian Institute of Legal Metrology

Indian Institute of Legal Metrology having its branches in various states of India. All the Legal Metrology institutes is a training institute for providing training in the field of Legal Metrology to all the Legal Metrology officers of union territories, the union of India, states, under the administrative control of the legal metrology department.

However, under these rules provision regarding courses to be imparted at the institute has obligatory functions of the institute which includes the qualification of a person to be eligible for admission in the institute in a prescribed manner.

Rules Related to Government-Approved Test Center rules, 2013

The Government-Approved Test Center rules are framed for the approval of GATC establishment by the private person for the verification of some of the weights and measures in addition to the verification done by the state government officers. The weights and measures prescribed under rules for verification by GATC are as follows:  

  1. Water Meter
  2. Sphygmomanometer
  3. Clinical thermometer
  4. Automatic rail weighbridges
  5. Tape measures
  6. No automatic weighing measuring instrument of accuracy class three class 4, load sales, beam sales.
  7. Counter machine.
  8. Weights of all categories.
  9. The state government is also framed there are state legal metrology enforcement rules for the implementation of Act 2009.
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