Legal Metrology Benefits to Indian Economy

Legal Metrology Benefits to Indian Economy

There are various benefits to the Indian economy of legal metrology as protecting the rights of the consumer plays an important role in the market and if the consumer has confidence in the product and trusts the product it will ultimately increase the economic system of the country and have a positive impact on this thing. Here we are going to discuss a few of the major points where the Indian economy is getting the benefits of the legal metrology system in the country. 

Legal Metrology has Increased Compliances

The measuring instruments used for regulatory purposes are able to provide continuous monitoring and greatly increase the probability of appreciation. (Read also: Importance of Legal Metrology in the Economic System of Country)

The legal metrology object of the measurement also provides enhanced acceptance by the industry and the community which provides the great advantage to the economic system of the country.

Benefits to the Policy Options

Regulations by the legal metrology can provide the cost-effective solution to a wide range of communities issued by social engineering.

The application of radar is speech devices and breathalyzers have had a marked impact in changing the behaviour of car drivers and reducing the road toll. 

An alternative policy option of road construction to avoid accidents would be much more costly but due to the legal metrology it has become easier and less costly while detecting the people who are driving at a higher speed or having a vehicle overweight.

Legal Metrology for the Sound Evidential Basis for the Measurement  

The legal metrology theory can provide a sound evidential basis for the regulatory measurement by providing for certification of standards, measuring instruments, measurements, and reference material under national measurement legislation.

Legal Metrology for Measuring Instruments

International recommendations provide a level playing field for sale of appropriate measuring instruments.

OIML international recommendation provides confidence in the instrument being fit for purpose and establishes a level playing field for the manufacturer and seller of the instruments.

Legal metrology for Global Regulatory Agreements

International recommendations support global regulatory agreements The OIML international recommendation provides confidence in the global consistency of a wide range of environmental and health and safety measurements that are different in international treaties, for example greenhouse gas emissions. (Read also: Benefits of Legal Metrology Act)

Which area of Economics gets the Benefits of Legal Metrology? 

There are several areas of economics which get the several benefits of legal metrology as technomics gets the support and backing of legal metrology. As every person while dealing in the Indian market and with the consumer of the country have to comply with all the rules and regulations of the legal metrology act only after fulfilling all the compliances the person can deal with the consumer within the territory of India which ultimately build the confidence in the customer and resolved to the great Indian economic system. There are various areas which deal with the Indian economic system at the same time get the safeguard from the legal metrology system of India. Some of them are named below:

  1. legal metrology system reduces disputation and transaction cost 
  2. legal metrology protects the interest of the consumer. 
  3. Level playing field of commerce. 
  4. It provides an effective stock control system. 
  5. It helped in detecting and controlling defraud and offense in the Indian market.
  6. it keeps an eye and a proper check in the import and export of the commodity.
  7. It provides support to the global trade in measuring instruments. 
  8. It also helps in regulatory metrology. 
  9. It provides the international recommendations level playing field for the sale of appropriate measuring instruments. 

International recommendations support global regulatory agreements also covered under legal metrology.

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