Online License Renewal Under Legal Metrology

Every manufacturer or importer has the LMPC license while dealing in weight and measure in the Indian market. However, the license is valid only for a certain time. Every importer or manufacturer has to get their license renewed from the respective authority, and the renewal of the license takes place from time to time whenever the expiry date of the license is near. There is a certain procedure to get the license renewed through the online mode, also known as the online renewal of a license under the legal metrology act.  

How to Apply for an Online Renewal of a License?

There is a specified procedure given for the renewal of the license. The very first step for the applicant, who can be the manufacturer or importer of the commodity, is to apply for the renewal of the license, and the procedure of renewal is given in the following steps:  

  1. The very first step for the applicant is to fill out the application form, which is provided on the portal of legal metrology of the state government. 
  2. Attach all the documents required to get your license renewed under legal metrology. 
  3. On display, the acknowledgment number of the application tracking will be shown. You have to note that acknowledgment number for future reference and after that, 
  4. The last step is to submit the application form on the portal itself. 

In the case of auto-renewal, the license will be issued immediately upon the payment of the necessary fee. 

Documents for Renewal of a License 

As we have mentioned above, in these steps of the online renewal procedure, the applicant has to submit the relevant documents required to get his license renewed. All such required documents to be submitted by the applicant are given below:  

  1. Copy of certificate of approval of models  
  2. Certificate copy of the approval of models by the Government of India  
  3. Identity proof, such as pan card voter ID card, identity documents, etc. 
  4. Labor license 
  5. Original license 
  6. Records of weight and measures 
  7. The Register of weights and measures 
  8. Ownership documents such as lease agreements, leave and license agreements, ownership documents of the premises, and lease deeds.  

All the documents mentioned above are necessary for the applicant to keep them handy so that, without wasting time, he will fill out the application form and submit all the required documents on the portal of legal metrology to get the license renewed. 

Declarations for License Renewal 

While getting the license renewed, every applicant has to make certain declarations to the legal metrology department after getting attached all the documents stating that the applicant certifies that he has read the legal metrology Act 2009 and the rules of legal metrology of the concerned state and that he agrees to the act and the rules of legal metrology of the concerned state and also agrees to abide by the administrative order or instruction issued or to be issued thereunder.  

The applicant should deposit the scheduled license as per the rules and regulations of the state and the guidelines under the act to the subtreasury or bank, and the original challan should be enclosed with the application.  

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