NIRYAT Launched By Prime Minister Narender Modi for Foreign Trade

The Prime Minister announced the NIRYAT portal to analyse import-export data, provide stakeholders with convenient access to foreign trade information.

On Thursday, June 23, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the NIRYAT platform, which will only deal with India's import and export analysis. After unveiling the platform prime minister said that the government has created NIRYAT, or the National Import-Export Record for Yearly Analysis of Trade, to give essential real-time data to all stakeholders. 

It can be considered a one-stop portal for stakeholders to easily access important information on India's foreign trade. For every foreign trade, a business owner needs an IEC. 

It is an import-export 10-digit code that is issued by the Ministry of Commerce's Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and does not need filing or renewal. Importers use IEC to pass customs, ship goods, and transfer funds to overseas banks. Exporters rely on their IEC to export goods and get payments from overseas banks. 

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