Components of Specifications of Standards

Components Of Specifications Of Standards

The legal metrology of packed commodities provides an important role in protecting the interests of the consumer and the public at large, whereas in order to make more accuracy in the commodities and the packages of commodities, it is necessary to make them clearer and specify their components on the packages so that no fraud will take place in the market. 

For the purpose of more clarity, the specification of standards is required under the provisions of the act and it provides the rules in the interests of the people. 

Specification Of Standards For LMPC Commodities

  1. A specification of standards specifies the quality, quantity, ingredients, and price of the product. It also deals with commodities under the LMPC Act. Every manufacturer, packer, importer, and seller have to comply with the rules under legal metrology and get themselves registered while obtaining the registration certificate. 

  2. Every manufacturer, packer, importer, and seller are required to get permission from the authorized person of the legal metrology department and from the central government and state government wherever it is necessary and required. 

  3. Components of specifications of standards play an important role under legal metrology and its components are: 

Description of Commodity

The description of the commodity shall have
  • weight, 
  • canned, 
  • how it is packed 
  • size of the commodity, 
  • weight of the commodity 

Quality of Commodity

The description of the commodity about the quality shall be minimal acceptable characteristics that are basically used to make meals must be mentioned in the description. 

The Price of the Commodity

The package of the commodity shall contain its price, which should be inclusive of the tax and must be in a manner which gives the clarity of the price per unit and its total cost. 

Quantity of Commodity

The quantity of the commodity in the package should be clearly mentioned and described in the amount which is required in the packaged commodity and available in the same.

Standardization of  Weight and Measure Under Legal Metrology

  1. Legal metrology sets up the rules and regulations and it also standardizes the methods of weight and measurement. 

  2. It also tells us about the technical efficiency of weight and measurement instruments in the public domain of the Government of India. 

  3. Standardization of weight and measure under legal metrology includes the purpose of weight or measure, prohibition on quotation, etc., 

  4. Standard units under legal metrology protect the interest of the public.  

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